Stool Specimen Container - 0.1ML/0.2ML 96WELLS PCR PLATE – Huida

f853db501b0c5d7914aaf1b781bee98Capacity: 0.1ml/0.2ml
Made from Polypropylene
Plate without skirt can be cut to any
desired format


Without any detectable DNA enzymes, RNA enzymes, proteins, DNA, heat and metal.

More info about PCR Plates:

What Are PCR Plates?

Researchers often use PCR plates in high-throughput screening thermocycler applications due to their compatibility with most thermal cyclers. The uniform and thin walls enable a precise thermal transfer. The wells are often raised slightly to accommodate sealing mat, film, and foil. They are also autoclavable.

PCRN-FS96W Nature 96*0.1ml PCR plate(Forsted subskirted)
PCRN-NH96W Nature 96*0.1ml PCR plate(Non subskirted)
PCRW-FS96 White 96*0.1ml PCR plate(Forsted subskirted)
PCRW-NH96 White 96*0.1ml PCR plate(Non subskirted)
PCRN-FS96 Nature 96*0.2ml PCR plate(Forsted subskirted)
PCRN-NH96 Nature 96*0.2ml PCR plate(Non subskirted)
PCRN-FS96 White 96*0.2ml PCR plate(Forsted subskirted)
PCRN-NH96 White 96*0.2ml PCR plate(Non subskirted)