Cervical Brushes

Cervical brush

Sterile, non-sterile
Many types:moulded handle, scraper type, standard type, broom type
ISO,CE approved

Product Description

Code NO. Description Specification Sterile Pack Quantity Measurement(cm)
HP4046 Cervical brush Moulded handle —– 5000 40.5*33*13
HP4046 Cervical brush Moulded handle,steriled,individual packed E.O. 5000 56*49*46
HP4047 Cervical brush Scraper type —– 5000 42.5*35*15
HP4047 Cervical brush Scraper type,steriled, individual packed E.O. 5000 56*49*46
HP4048 Cervical brush Standard type —– 5000 40.5*33*13
HP4048 Cervical brush Standard type, steriled, individual packed E.O. 5000 56*48*46
HP4049 Cervical brush Broom type —– 5000 66.5*48*37.5
HP4049 Cervical brush Broom type, steriled,individual packed E.O. 5000 45.5*41*21

Advantages of Cervical Brush:

1, This cervical brush is special -purpose cell sampling brush
2, Precise anatomical design, and ensure to get cells of transitional zone of cervix.
3, Convenient and easy cutting-up process.
4, Many types:moulded handle, scraper type, standard type, broom type
5, It can be used for liquid-based pap and traditional slide preparation and the brush has a flexible bristle head. 
6, Compared with traditional cotton swab and other appliances, cervical brush is safer in the diagnosis of cervical cancer and gynecological diseases, easier to extract the cervix and cervical ministry of virus cell entry and more convenient to use.

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